/ˈprimədiv/ is a multi-disciplinary, Earth-conscious lifestyle collective aimed at preserving all walks of life on Planet Earth.


We produce events that feature sound meditations, live acts, electronic music DJs, and visual artists in nightclubs and other unique spaces.

Inspired by the Universe and a healthy dose of time spent in nightclubs around the world, /ˈprimədiv/ is producing conscious moments on the dance floor rooted in the liberation of electronic music, free-form dance, and abstract art in a celebration of letting go to the present moment.

A portion of ticket sales from each event will be donated to organizations dedicated to reducing environmental impact and improving the current state of our global society and local communities. Some of these initiatives include fostering permaculture, wildlife preservation, reforestation, cleaning the World’s oceans, renewable energy sources, eliminating plastic, animal rights, and more.

All /ˈprimədiv/ events are phone-free spaces. For some, this will be an easy and welcomed experience while for others, a true challenge. Come join us in the present moment and embrace your /ˈprimədiv/ nature to let go to what is.